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Bespoke Training Design

The Training Group has a dedicated training design team who are experts in developing bespoke qualifications that can be delivered in a variety of different methods.

Training Needs Analysis

Ensuring you have the right training in place is crucial, our team can conduct training analysis to understand your requirements and any training gaps that exist.

Training Design

If you cant find the right qualification, we can design one for you! Our team of design experts can create bespoke programmes for your organisation.

implementation & assurance

Our consultants can help implement the correct delivery method for your training as well as conducting assurance activity upon delivery.

Training Design

The training group offers a fully comprehensive training design service that includes:

Training Analysis

TTG will conduct a deep analysis at your current content, training program(s) and structure to determine if they:

  • Integrate with your business operations & strategy
  • Need fine-tuning to give you an additional lift
  • Lack specific training needs that you may not have identified

We will also look to identify skill-set and training content gaps based on the business direction and your organisational strategy.

We develop a plan for your workforce to get you from the present state to a complete programme with a training strategy built just for you.This analysis the first step in developing a customised solution for your overall training strategy.


Develop Your Training

TTG’s Training Design and Development services evolve your existing programs to develop powerful, sustainable and innovative solutions that engage learners at all levels.

We can use your existing content as a baseline, leverage our existing job training programs or create an entirely new program specifically for your business needs. In addition to this, we also conduct the following:

Certification Program Development & Optimization

Develop or modify internal job training certification programs designed to up-skill employees in role.

Training Program Development & Optimisation

Develop and integrate internal career progression, leadership, new hire or similar training programs.

Training Module Development & Optimisation

Modify one or more of your existing training modules.

Training Integration & Customisation

Develop, integrate or modify entire customised training programs and conduct the necessary implementation and assurance activities.

Instructional Design

E-Learning Design

Our team can help you create experiences, visuals, and interactions that have an emotional impact for deeper learning. We failure-proof your results by leveraging feedback from the learners themselves at all stages of the process. By doing so, we don’t just create learning that “looks nice, we create learning that drives engagement and results.

Our E-Learning Design process involves the following stages:

Bespoke Curriculum design

Whether we develop your curriculum from the ground up, or hone what you already have, we’ll ensure that the content and format of your training is best suited to reach your most important training goals. We will set up a consultation to find our what your requirements are, before beginning the design phase of the project.

Professional design to match your brand

You need your training to not only represent you well in terms of content but also design. We are here to provide expert design touches that are aligned for your brand and company culture. We will utilise the brand guidance given in order to create a sleek programme that grabs attention and creates a professional image for the brand. Furthermore, the look and feel of your course is fully customisable. 

Using feedback to drive your results

We don’t create in a vacuum. Instead, we get feedback from learners as we go to optimise your training and ensure that you have the ability to develop and optimise your content to drive engagement and results. 

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